SR17 - Realtime short film

This is the work in progress page of my SR17 project, using realtime Unity engine.

The main idea was first to create some short sequences in order to test the story and list the challenges.

Role: Concept / Design / Asset design & texturing / Look Dev / Unity integration


Earth, 2075. Famine and wars have consumed the planet. A deadly virus, only conveyed by children, has decimated 1/3 of its inhabitants. As a result, it was forbidden to give birth, punishable by death...These were replaced by hybrid babies. Their future parents could choose all the characteristics, if their bank account was big enough...

3 consortiums, share power and keep their stranglehold on humans, thanks to the hybrid children market and a secure city protected from the toxic and hungry land on earth.

But one day, a woman gives birth in secret to an healthy girl with no traces of the virus... A disaster for the consortiums. A renewed hope for the world... An ancient warrior society, called the Chimeras, will help protect this new-born and transform the future of the planet.

The present scene is taking place in the low part of one of the major city of the consortium, where one Chimera warrior is tring to find the pregnant women to help her. She will need to find her way in the small streets...



The process was first to create 3D assets then importing everything in Unity3D. For the main and secondary characters design, it was a mix of Daz / Mixamo / manual rig and Marvelous Designer then all exported as alembic to the engine. Some assets were from the Unity asset store to save some time.

As it was quite a time consuming process to repeat the placement of some of the assets like lampions and cables, decision was made to develop some tools with Houdini in order to populate directly inside of Unity (thanks to the Houdini engine).

Last but not least, the look dev was entirely created inside Unity with the help of the awesome look dev stack and then everything was exported directly as Pro Res file. The Cinemachine camera system was used to build all the camera moves.