This piece is part of a bigger project (short film) called SR17. The main goal was to gain some solid production techniques and to document the whole process: moodboard, storyboard, stills, playblast and final motion piece.

Role: Concept / Design / 3D / Look dev / R&D / Animation





After some reference research, i wanted to properly explore the design phase, producing a multitude of ideas.
The design portion of the project lead me down a variety of paths resulting in redesigning multiple times and coming back with a stronger final look and storyboard concept.



After the first round of test frames and pushing ideas around, I started to nail a new concept inside a physical space.
Starting with one strong idea, building into environment geo, mutating into particles forms – all originating from the main board.
Below are some images of the development process, from sketching to Xparticles & Cinema 4D R&D.
I invested a lot of time learning Octane to handle some of the render workload.
Once out of raw 3D, the look really came to life in compositing, rebuilding the style first established in the design phase.



From boardOmatic to final piece... an intense journey.

You will find below some of my animation process: boardOmatic, short animation systems, playblast & low quality motion clips.
All the different phases were compiled into a spreadsheat document, where each shot was documented (number of frames, file name, status...).
One man vfx process... Pushing myself to keep a 4 weeks production schedule from stills to final movie.

The two main particles shots were created with Xparticles.



Above is the final low resolution montage of the piece to check small errors & animation pitfalls. Before this, i was working with hardware playblast to ensure quick turn results and making sure everything fit into my schedule. The rough cut was edited with Premiere. Music score from Videocopilot Cinematic sounds library.




Xparticles branching setup

Object deformation (deformers + effectors)

Fluid simulation with Xparticles - Playblast

End sequence: volumetric light with fog and Octane object scatter.