I was contracted by a client to create some stills for a pitch.
The brief was to design an ID package for a future design festival called PLAY.
The main body of the work was done over a really short timeline, from boards to stills & iterations. 
At the end, the client went for another idea but it was a really great learning experience.

Role: Design / 3D / Look dev / R&D / Animation



After some reference moodboards, i started designing each letter as an unique part of the story.
Each letter is composed of modules with simple animations in mind.
During the design phase, i wanted to explore as much as i can but also tried to stay within the timelines.



Even if the project was not accepted , I wanted to revisit the concept in motion so i started to nail some camera moves.
Then i moved to quick playblast & low res renders to ensure all was ok.
Below are some short clips complimenting the rest of the proposal (stills & concept board). Each letter can work individually or together to create a longer teaser.